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== Short Description
Russian Translation for Magento CE.
Text phrases and mail templates.

== Version Compatibility
Magento CE:
1.3.х (tested in
1.4.x (tested in
1.5.x (tested in
1.6.x (tested in
1.7.x (tested in
1.8.x (tested in
1.9.x (tested in

== Installation
* Disable compilation if it is enabled (System -> Tools -> Compilation)
* Disable cache if it is enabled (System -> Cache Management)
* Download the extension or install the extension from Magento Connect
* If you have downloaded it, copy all files from the "install" folder to the Magento root folder - where your index.php is
* Log out from the admin panel
* Log in to the admin panel with your login and password
* Run the compilation process and enable cache if needed