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Welcome to etzInsights Samples

Within this repository, you will find all of the resources you need in order to get started with accessing your data via etzInsights*.

Documentation: provides a clear layout of how the database schema is structured, along with comments for every table and column. For further details on how to use the documentation, please read this article.

Excel: contains a template file to provide an example of how to connect to your database from within Excel, along with a number of standard sample reports, for reference. For help on how to start using these files, please see this article.

SQLQueries: contains the raw SQL files that are used within the standard sample reports.

Tableau: for customers who wish to trial using Tableau in order to generate reports using their etzInsights server, this file contains a few examples to get you going. You will need to edit the data connection to add your server details once you have opened each file.

  • Please note: you will need to have etzInsights enabled before being able to use it. For more information on this, please contact support.