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OCR menu

One interesting feature that I thought it would be nice to have was OCR. It allows one to take a picture by using the camera of its device, to focus one word/sentence within the picture then to do the OCR recognition that will translate that picture region into a word/sentence and will search automatically its translation for you. It's not clear to me now if it would be usefull but at least I hope so.

Camera photo

By tapping the OCR menu option the camera will be shown immediately.It is the installed Android camera so it might contain many other options than you can see in the picture below. You have only to take the photo (using event the zoom if you like it) then to tap OK button.

It will call the crop function of the device that will allow you to crop the picture so that the photo will contains only the word/sentence you are intereseted in.


Camera crop

Use the crop function of your camera to crop the picture as it will contains only the word/sentence you want to translate. Save the cropped image to begin the OCR task.


Character recognition

After character recognition is finished the recognized word/sentence is automatically typed in the search box and therefore translated, if possible.