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Here is the place where the most common questions are answared.

Can this program be used to download .swf audio files under the Windows?

Yes and no. Windows cannot interpret the Bourne shell scripts and therefore would not run the resulted script. However, there there is a Cygwin project that provides a Linux look & feel environment for Windows and you can run that script within Cygwin.

It worths to mention that you will still need the ffmpeg Windows build installed into your Windows system.

Are there any options to customize some aspects about the .mp3 BASH script?

After you have created your mp3 BASH script (by using the --command=mp3 option) you are able to open that script and to change few running variables:

  • TRIES : how many times should the script retry to connect the http server before to abort that download (default 5)
  • WAITRETRY : how many seconds should the script wait between retries of a retrieval (default 5)
  • WAIT : how many seconds should the script wait between retrievals (default 5)
  • HTTP_USER : the user to be used to connect the HTTP server (default empty)
  • HTTP_PWD : the password to be used to connect the HTTP server (default empty)
  • HTTP_AGENT : the name by which the script will identify itself to the HTTP server (default Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:14.0) Gecko/20120405 Firefox/14.0a1)
  • SLEEP : number of seconds to sleep after one word/download is processed (the default and recommended value is 5; do not stress the server)
  • TMP_PATH : where to save the temporary .swf files (default /tmp)
  • OUTPUT_PATH : where to save the final .mp3 file (default /tmp)
  • COUNT : number of swf files to be downloaded (DO NOT CHANGE IT)
  • OVERWRITE : if the .mp3 file already exists on the OUTPUT_PATH should be overwritten (default N)
  • SEPARATOR : a text line to be printed after each download (cosmetic thing, don't bother to change it)

Would the SQLite script file work for other SQL engine?

I don't think that the schema creation SQL instruction is 100% compatible with all other SQL engines. However, the INSERT statement is compatible with the SQL-92 standard. You are also able to change the schema creation statements such that they will work on your preffered SQL engine.