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Poor man's PHP chart library / Features

Feature list

  • 1000+ full (documented) source code
  • fast speed and small memory footprint
  • easy to setup and to integrate into your PHP apps
  • fully OOP oriented code
  • 2D chart control with header, footer, legend
  • 3D pie chart class
  • standard series style (horizontal|vertical bar and 100% stacked bar, scattered points and line charts with regression line)
  • single and multiple data sets
  • add data by code or load it from CSV files
  • customization of title and axes names, their visibility, fg/bg colour, fonts, grid visibility, legend visibility, margins, bar orientation (vertical|horizontal), tool-tip visibility, anti-aliasing on|off, etc.
  • PHP 5 compatible
  • no external dependency, only PHP with GD support is required