PLC Factory

(c) 2016 European Spallation Source, Lund Author: Gregor Ulm

PLC Factory is intended to simplify programming PLCs and creating the communication interface between EPICS and a PLC. It takes an arbitrary device and a list of template ids as input and processes the corresponding sub-tree of devices according to their entries in CCDB.


PLC Factory requires Python 2.7.

Invocation follows the pattern python --device <device> --template <ids>, where ids is a list of template names of at least one element.

Sample invocation: python --device LNS-LEBT-010:Vac-PLC-11111 --template EPICS-DB TIA-MAP

With shorthands: python -d LNS-LEBT-010:Vac-PLC-11111 -t EPICS-DB TIA-MAP

The resulting output file will be written to \output.

For further information, see \doc.