IMPORTANT This repository has moved to github and all possible future changes and enhancements will be done there. I will leave the README here for history's sake. Please star/watch the github repo instead.


Automatically create comments on Trello, after a new git commit

Installation Stage 1

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Put the package.json and trello_commit.js files in the same folder anywhere in your file system (or leave them in the repo)
  3. Run npm install in the location of the trello and package.json files to get the dependencies
  4. Change the key and token at the top of the trello_commit.js file to your specific ones (replace <key> and <token>)

Generating Trello Key and Token

Installation Stage 2

1) Modify the post-commit file's directory changes (cd) to point to where trello_commit.js is located 2) Drop the post-commit file into any or all of your repo's .git/hooks folder

How to Commit to Trello (2 Different Ways)

In order for your commit message to automatically be posted to a Trello card, you will have to know that card's id. The current trello_commit supports two types of ids, the boardId/shortId or the shortLink. Just open up the card in your browser and take a look at the url.

Example 1 (The last two parts are the boardId/shortId): So your commit would look like this:

git commit -m "My comment message | 5193b0b45b9811b7240036bf/68"

The second way to post a commit message to Trello is to get the shortLink of the card. You can do it by opening the card and finding the More.. link. Clicking the More... link will show a popup that will have a field called Link to this card and a shortened url. If you just copy that url you can do a commit with that link instead of the first method.

Example 2

git commit -m "My comment message |" (Make sure to include the entire link)