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-Describe how it was started.
+TODO: Describe how it was started.
 \section{Previous work}
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-TODO: Describe what work has gone into it so far.
+TODO: Describe in a high-level way what work has gone into it so far.
 \citet{skrede} has extended the project by designing and implementing a
 pipeline that uses \gls{ghc} as a frontend for the lambda calculus \gls{vm}.
 \caption{putStrLn example, PyHaskell evaluation log\label{lst:putStrLn-evallog}}
+The class \mycode{Show} and its instances implement the function \mycode{show},
+which convert a value to a string. For values of type \mycode{Int}
+\mycode{show} will return a string with the value inside it. For example
+calling \mycode{show} with the value 10 returns the string "10":
+\mint{haskell}|show 10 = "10"|
 \section{Current status/Summary}