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 ago. According to HackageDB\footnotemark[\value{footnote}], Haskell's online
 package library, \extcore support \gls{ghc} version 7.0 or older. Therefor
 there are some things external Core support, that is not supported by \extcore.
-\todo{TODO: For example}
 The \extcore package also has some unwanted behavior. For example, it convert
 lambda-statements that have more than one variable into several
 RankNTypes. While most of these are removed by \gls{ghc} before Core, some
 leave their marks in the code produced by external Core~\cite{ghcrepo}.
+\citeauthor{skrede}, who designed and implemeted PyHaskell's pipeline,
+concluded that: ``the serialization of Haskell programs into the JSCore format
+have several problems. It is dependent on a buggy part of \gls{ghc}, and on a
+poorly maintained package (extcore).''~\cite[p.~43]{skrede}.