Reaper JS-Plugin "JCooper CS-10² - CC/SX mapper (LED)"

[prototype] 2011

Reaper JS-Plugin - Mapping of MIDI-CC to SysEx (JCooper CS-10² Controller)

no warranty - this is a simple JS-Hack

by time i will dig into the "open controller surface API" (c++) which looks really nice, but i haven't found enough docs, so i decided to "hack" this little script to get used to the controllers mapping and behaviour. ...and JS is quite easy to play with.


  • controller needs in and out... obviously
  • enable midi-in/out + control commands for input
  • get keymap ( by )


  • add script to one track which only receives CC channel 16
  • arm the track for recording: "Record: disable (input monitoring only)" (so that no CC, like arming tracks etc. are recorded)
  • unarming this track disables any lightshow :)


  • using API (c++) for controller surfaces
  • switch solo/mute/sel/loc
  • cross-nav display
  • jog-dial led
  • "null"-fader
  • sync track status/led
  • ...


MIT License, full text of license see here

Free Software, Fuck Yeah!