chicken-bitcoin /


An interface to bitcoind's JSON-RPC API for Chicken Scheme.


Besides Chicken, the following extensions are required:


Function names and signatures match those listed in the bitcoind API reference. JSON responses are translated into Scheme datatypes according to medea's conversion rules.

When an error response is received from bitcoind, an exception of type (exn bitcoin) is raised.

> (use bitcoin)
> (define c (make-bitcoind-connection "http://user:pass@localhost:8332"))
> (getblockcount c)
> (getblock c 123456)
> (getinfo c)
((version . 70200)
 (protocolversion . 60002)
 (walletversion . 60000)
 (balance . 12.0)
 (blocks . 215673)
 (connections . 0)
 (proxy . "")
 (difficulty . 2979636.61693807)
 (testnet . #f)
 (keypoololdest . 1357260660)
 (keypoolsize . 108)
 (paytxfee . 0.0)
 (errors . ""))


Evan Hanson


WTFPL. See LICENSE for details.

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