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Don't wait for mount in filesystem-start!

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 {{filesystem-wait!}}) are unblocked, and a non-{{#f}} value is returned.
 On failure, {{#f}} is returned immediately.
+{{filesystem-start!}} does not wait for filesystem initialization before
+returning. To block until the filesystem is becomes available, use
 The effective exception handler for the filesystem's operations at
 {{path}} is that of the call to {{filesystem-start!}}'s dynamic
 environment, and must ''always'' return with a suitable {{errno(3)}}
            (when-let* ((destroy-callback
                         (##sys#vector-ref (filesystem-operations fs) 22)))
-        (mount-wait! mount 'started)
         (filesystem-mount-add! fs path mount)))))
 (define (filesystem-wait! path fs #!optional (status 'stopped))