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 # chicken-git
-libgit2 bindings for Chicken Scheme.
+libgit2 bindings for CHICKEN Scheme.
 ## Install
 Assuming you have that, installation should be straightforward:
-    $ git clone git://github.com/evhan/chicken-git.git
+    $ git clone git://bitbucket.org/evhan/chicken-git.git
     $ cd chicken-git
     $ chicken-install -test

File git.release-info

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-(repo git "git://github.com/evhan/chicken-git.git")
-(uri targz "https://github.com/evhan/chicken-git/tarball/{egg-release}")
+(repo git "git://bitbucket.org/evhan/chicken-{egg-name}.git")
+(uri targz "https://bitbucket.org/evhan/chicken-{egg-name}/get/{egg-release}.tar.gz")
 (release "0.0.16")
 (release "0.0.17")
 (release "0.0.18")

File git.wiki

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 This library requires libgit2 0.19.0 and Chicken 4.7 or newer.
-The source for this egg is available at [[http://github.com/evhan/chicken-git]].
+The source for this egg is available at [[https://bitbucket.org/evhan/chicken-git]].
 === Documentation