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dot twentythree created an issue

So she asked me for an idea about how to find a map. I said “Sinopod is planet coordinates”; she says “I don’t know what a sinpod is” then I said “Me have idea”, She then tells me that “aquarii is a big universe”, and then that, guess what?, “sinpod is coordinates planet”! Well I told you that you silly lady!

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  1. dot twentythree reporter

    she then says “you and me go coordinate planet sinopod” which I did (despite having already been there once” and when I get there, to empty space, she still asks me about the map again :(

  2. dot twentythree reporter

    went to Omega Centrix and cannot launch orx or progress even though planet now selected (which I’m not sure if I am only be able to do because I hadn’t got to the “let’s go to the planet” dialogue yet when I went there the first time) - the kill planet and I assume launch oorx icons (goinf by CB original game) don’t do anything 😞

  3. flarive repo owner

    Yes, that’s true, the dialogs at this moment of the game are not good enough…
    I should manage much more case and possible answers…
    At this moment of the game, the dialog with Loon is not usefull to progress in the game.
    You can talk with her but whatever you’ll say, it won’t trigger anything in the game progress.
    Some dialog sequences are usefull (will trigger progress steps), some other not.

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