Problem with planet selection and teleport circle

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Issue #31 resolved
dot twentythree created an issue

further to issue #30 - I reloaded a saved game where I had just arrived at the planet Omega Centrix and was able to click on the planet and initiate some transporter type thing - previously I had clicked on the planet whilst in the free flying mode accessible through the Aquarii icon on the main console and the floor disk appeared in that screen, then disappeared when i returned to the scene with loon standing in front of the window, I think this is why the icons became unusable

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  1. flarive repo owner

    Hi dot…
    I think i have understood your problem but i’m not absolutely sure…

    I go to Omega Centrix using the sinopod.
    I don’t select the planet.
    I click on the “Free space navigation” icon on the cockpit board.
    If i click on the planet, the name of the planet appears and the teleport citrcle appears in space (not normal, you’re true, it’s a bug !)

    Now if I click on the go back arrow icon on top left of the free space navigation mode, i go back to the cockpit, the planet Omega Centrix is still selected (planet name is still displayed) but the teleport circle has gone away (not normal, it’s another bug !)

    Did you talk about that ?
    Thanks !

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