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Florian Meyer created an issue

This is the Git GUI we’ve been waiting for! Not kidding. Thank you so much for developing it 🙂

One thing that would increase the speed of creating commits are keyboard shortcuts. (user-definable at best).

The mouse has to be moved a lot when creating a commit. I imagine someting like these commands:

s → stage all changed files

c → create commit for currently staged files, move cursor into commit-comment field

b → create new branch from current branch, move cursor into branch-name field

p → push current branch to origin

f → fetch from origin

l → pull from origin

and so on.

Comments (4)

  1. Evgeny Kralko repo owner

    @Florian Meyer , you are welcome, thanks for your feedback👍

    Sure, we plan to implement a powerful configuration engine in the future with an ability to map any command/action/menu to any shortcut

  2. Marko Paunović

    Hey! Any updates on this? I like the minimalism of your GUI client, but lacking keyboard shortcuts are unfortunately a deal breaker.

  3. Evgeny Kralko repo owner

    Hi there. This will be done in the 1.0 release version. Unfortunately, right now we don’t have enough time to implement this in the beta version due to some other important issues, bugs, and current situation in the world.

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