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Issue #201 new
Florian Meyer created an issue
  1. It would be very helpful if in the file area, the GUI would remember and apply it to all repositories, whether I chose “group”, “flat list” or “flat list (reversed)”
    After restarting cong, we have to update this selection everytime
  2. A small line indent of 2 or 4 spaces would visually help to see if a file/branch is part of a “parent” (folder or branchname/)

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  1. Evgeny Kralko repo owner

    @Florian Meyer , what about the first point - we plan to address all similar issues (save all layout preferences selected by the user) in release version 1.0. What about point two - we will think about that, thanks for the feedback. Right now we are trying to collect feedback about the Beta UI to make it better in later versions.

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