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Updated version and documentation for Sentry integration.

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 therefore safe to use in production.
+Sentry Integration
+Dogslow does not natively integrate with Sentry. However, it is possible to
+link it up to some extent by simply configuring Dogslow to use
+``DOGSLOW_LOGGER`` and ``DOGSLOW_LOG_LEVEL`` and `configure Raven`_ to collect
+Dogslow's reports.
+This level of integration will give you fairly crude Sentry support. Dogslow's
+reports will show up in Sentry, but will not have the nice interactive
+tracebacks that normal Django errors have. This is currently being worked on.
+.. _configure Raven: http://raven.readthedocs.org/en/latest/config/django.html#integration-with-logging