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Issue #18 new

AttributeError, dogslow in peek

created an issue
Types:  AttributeError
Value:  'NoneType' object has no attribute '__name__'
Location:   dogslow/__init__.py in peek , line 196
Stacktrace (most recent call last):

  File "dogslow/__init__.py", line 196, in peek
    extra['culprit'] = '%s in %s' % (module.__name__, frame.f_code.co_name)

Comments (6)

  1. John Watson

    I see this with the gevent worker class, but not with sync. FWIW, while the documentation does say that Dogslow is intended for synchronous workers, it doesn't claim that it won't work with gevent.

  2. olevinsky reporter

    python 2.7, uwsgi, dogslow==0.9.7

    Types:  KeyError
    Value:  139657006073600
    Location:   dogslow/__init__.py in peek , line 194
      File "dogslow/__init__.py", line 194, in peek
        frame = sys._current_frames()[thread_id]
    request <WSGIRequest at 0x110671760>
    started datetime.datetime(2014, 2, 13, 15, 54, 47, 886870)
    thread_id   139657006073600
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