dogslow / .hgtags

16fd431d4dd2a28640ee2c56c4a12e69d75da307 0.2
2e402e9fceceb37655ab30288f14b473ea69f76f 0.3
d88556f50f02bf4b24144d9ca747119d6badc811 0.4
551e04f5fde3ec2b745a2adfa5de85ea6db176d2 0.5
0d94b887837a005bd182de021c80f30bd4ab4757 0.6
d4d7e96d56b0f783e4e843e6e045b4651bcda9e5 0.7
af8b97eacd4b9fab556ed2dac0fb349eb89780db 0.8
3f0840b160e86738ced9e72ef1c6a4b64daccd85 0.9
696841cc4ba1534e183ffa5fd6bbacb6be8dfb5a 0.9.1
409a2240f3ed39babb71226df18dfb348f14eac6 0.9.2
aac56e50028dd88538754562e829a7beb886ba61 0.9.3
332f38be61e18b78488d49f47334d65fb67bbe4d 0.9.4
ef155f083fa8175cfa08e00ccded9b3a7399395c 0.9.5
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