1. Erik van Zijst
  2. hg-crucible


hg-crucible / README

Mercurial extension that creates reviews in Crucible straight from the command


This extension depends on restkit (https://github.com/benoitc/restkit/).


Either clone the repo and run setup:

$ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/evzijst/hg-crucible
$ cd hg-crucible
$ sudo python setup.py

Or point pip or easy_install straight to the latest binary:

$ sudo pip install https://bitbucket.org/evzijst/hg-crucible/downloads/hg-crucible-0.3.tar.gz

The edit your ~/.hgrc file and add it to your extension configuration like

crucible = crucible

== USAGE ==

$ hg help review
hg review [OPTION]...

    Collects all applicable changesets and creates a review in Crucible.


    --vv               very verbose; print full server responses on error
 -r --rev VALUE        a revision to send (default: tip)
    --host VALUE       base url of Crucible
    --username VALUE   Crucible username
    --password VALUE   Crucible password (omit to be prompted)
    --project VALUE    Crucible project
    --reviewers VALUE  reviewers (comma separated, e.g. "fred,joe,matt")
    --moderator VALUE  moderator (optional)
    --context VALUE    context lines (optional)
 -e --ssh CMD          specify ssh command to use
    --remotecmd CMD    specify hg command to run on the remote side

use "hg -v help review" to show global options

The extension will interactively prompt you for input. You can provide default
values for in your .hgrc file:

host = https://extranet.atlassian.com/crucible/
username = evzijst
password = my_passwd
project = CR-BB
reviewers = jnoehr,dchambers,detkin


Calling review without arguments creates a review for 'tip':

$ hg review
searching for changes

Alternatively you can specify either an explicit single revision
'-r b428899c7af7'), or use a standard revrange: '-r 35:38':

$ hg review -r 35:39
searching for changes

Revisions can be any combination of:

- sequential numbers from the revlog, e.g. 35, -1 (tip)
- full or abbreviated changeset hashes, e.g. b428899c7af7
- tag or branch names, e.g. default, tip, mybranch