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add support for custom url types to the argv_emulation code

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   will tell you abou this instead of silently failing to 
   build a working bundle.
+- add support for custom URLs to the argv emulation code
+  (patch by Brendan Simon). 
+  You will have to add a "CFBundleURLTypes" key to your Info.plist to 
+  use this, the argv emulation code will ensure that the URL
+  to open will end up in ``sys.argv``.
 Bug fixes:
 - The ``--alias`` option didn't work when building a plugin


         import traceback
         from Carbon import AE
         from Carbon.AppleEvents import kCoreEventClass, kAEOpenApplication, \
-            kAEOpenDocuments, keyDirectObject, typeAEList, typeAlias
+            kAEOpenDocuments, keyDirectObject, typeAEList, typeAlias, \
+            kAEInternetSuite, kAEISGetURL, typeChar
         from Carbon import Evt
         from Carbon import File
         from Carbon.Events import highLevelEventMask, kHighLevelEvent
                 AE.AEInstallEventHandler(kCoreEventClass, kAEOpenDocuments,
+                AE.AEInstallEventHandler(kAEInternetSuite, kAEISGetURL,
+                        self.__geturl)
+                # The definition of kAEInternetSuite seems to be wrong,
+                # the lines below ensures that the code will work anyway.
+                AE.AEInstallEventHandler('GURL', 'GURL', self.__geturl)
             def close(self):
                 AE.AERemoveEventHandler(kCoreEventClass, kAEOpenApplication)
+            def __geturl(self, requestevent, replyevent):
+                try:
+                    listdesc = requestevent.AEGetParamDesc(keyDirectObject, typeAEList)
+                    for i in range(listdesc.AECountItems()):
+                        desc = listdesc.AEGetNthDesc(i+1, typeChar)[1]
+                        #url ='utf8')
+                        url =
+                        sys.argv.append(url)
+                except Exception, e:
+                    print " warning: can't unpack a GetURL event"
+                    import traceback
+                    traceback.print_exc()
+                self._quit()
         return ArgvCollector()
     def _argv_emulation():


 class TestArgvEmulation (unittest.TestCase):
     py2app_args = []
+    setup_file = ""
+    open_argument = '/usr/bin/ssh'
     app_dir = os.path.join(DIR_NAME, 'argv_app')
     # Basic setup code
     def setUpClass(cls):
         p = subprocess.Popen([
-                    '', 'py2app'] + cls.py2app_args,
+                    cls.setup_file, 'py2app'] + cls.py2app_args,
             cwd = cls.app_dir,
         path = os.path.join( self.app_dir, 'dist/')
         p = subprocess.Popen(["/usr/bin/open",
-            '-a', path, 'file:/usr/bin/ssh'])
+            '-a', path, self.open_argument])
         exit = p.wait()
         self.assertEqual(exit, 0)
         data =
-        self.assertEqual(data.strip(), repr([os.path.join(self.app_dir, 'dist/'), '/usr/bin/ssh']))
+        self.assertEqual(data.strip(), repr([os.path.join(self.app_dir, 'dist/'), self.open_argument]))
+class TestArgvEmulationWithUrL (TestArgvEmulation):
+    py2app_args = []
+    setup_file = ""
+    open_argument = 'myurl:mycommand'
+    app_dir = os.path.join(DIR_NAME, 'argv_app')
 if __name__ == "__main__":
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