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A very basic starting-point for adding unittests to py2app.
Remove a reference to the MacPython website from the error dialog that is displayed when an application terminates with an uncaught exception.
Add single-architecture variants of the stub executables, those are needed for some users. Also tweaks *template/ to not rebuild all stub executables, but only the one that is actually needed.
It is now possible to use pip to install namespace packages and use py2app to create a standalone application.
Disable compilation of .nib files, .xib files are still compiled. Also bump modulegraph dependency to a version that does support ``from __future__ import absolute_import`` and relative imports.
Fix issue with locating the stub executable when using /usr/bin/python2.5
* Ensure the readme is valid ReST. * Bump version
The stub executables didn't get included in the egg files. Furthermore, the name of the stub executable for 32-bit builds was wrong for the bundle template.
Minor bugfixes and tweaks
Initial python3 support. This is not ideal yet, but works for simple programs (fully standalone build, I haven't tested semi standalone or alias builds)
Fix issue in matplotlib recipe as mentioned on pythonmac-sig list.
* Add maintainer info to that points to me instead of Bob as I do most (all?) maintainance these days. * Ensure that py2app works with a python loaded from a virtualenv (lightly tested and using a patched version of virtualenv). * Add prebuilt executables for a number of build variants of python, which makes it possible to build 64-bit executables without patching py2app. * Patch the TinyTinyEdit example to display information about the python interpreter in "empty" documents, used to…
fix typo
Fix for 'py2app -A' on 64-bit builds of python.
Add support for alternatively named python frameworks
Set py2app.__version__ using pkg_resources, that ensures that the version stays in sync with the value in
Update version number to 0.4.4
Two small bugfixes
- Fix issue caused by a bad format string, which was introduced for another bugfix. - Fix TinyTinyEdit example
update dependencies
Not sure if this is a good spot for py2app patches, if not please let me know. This fixes an issue with copying a different version of Python over to an app/plugin bundle than the one used to run py2app with. Before this patch you could run into situations where if you run py2app under Python 2.6, and it tried to copy the Python 2.5 framework over to the app bundle, it would be at some point try to copy a path like: '/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/includ…
Fix for dSYM removal code: The newest greatest and finest py2app from SVN has two bugs for which I'm supplying a patch: * it uses shutils, which it does not import * the dSYM removal function really does delete given files, but the list of files to strip isn't updated, which fails on trying to strip an non-existing file Patch by Cezary Krzyżanowski
* No longer require a 'version.plist' inside the python framework * Remove .dSYM directories when the --strip option is specified.
small bugfixes
Add a module that implements a simple indirect read-only interface to the filesystem. This interface can transparently deal with data in zipfiles and should make the rest of the code simpler to maintain, especially while adding support for copying entire eggs into the app bundle and dealing with the zip-safe property of those eggs.
Add preboot script that redirects the pkg_resources egg cache from the user's home directory to a per-application directory in ~/Library/Caches. This is needed for two reasons: 1) The new location is corresponds to were Apple would like you to cache temporary files 2) A per-application directory ensures that two applications cannot interfere with each other. This is a (small) first step towards adding proper egg support to py2app.
Remove NibClassBuilder usage
remove dependency on bdist_mpkg
Rewrite the conversion function support, making it a real setuptools entry-point. This makes it possible to introduce new conversions outside of py2app. My longer-term plan is the move the current conversion functions to the appropriate pyobjc package.
Add initial support for automaticly compiling .xib files
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