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Deleted parameters.h.

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File include/evaluator.h

   real_t NP2P;                                                  //!< Number of P2P kernel calls
   real_t NM2L;                                                  //!< Number of M2L kernel calls
+  int NSPAWN;                                                   //!< Threshold of NDLEAF for spawning new threads
+  int IMAGES;                                                   //!< Number of periodic image sublevels
+  float THETA;                                                  //!< Multipole acceptance criteria
 //! Calculate Bmax
   real_t getBmax(vec3 const &X, C_iter C) const {

File include/kernel.h

 #include <cmath>
 #include "types.h"
-class Kernel : public Parameters {
+class Kernel {
   vec3 Xperiodic;
   C_iter Ci0;

File include/partition.h

 #define partition_h
 #include "mympi.h"
 #include "serialfmm.h"
+#include "sort.h"
 //! Handles all the partitioning of domains
-class Partition : public MyMPI, public SerialFMM {
+class Partition : public MyMPI, public SerialFMM, public Sort {
   Bodies sendBodies;                                            //!< Send buffer for bodies
   Bodies recvBodies;                                            //!< Receive buffer for bodies

File include/treebuilder.h

   vec3   localXmin;                                             //!< Local Xmin for a given rank
   vec3   localXmax;                                             //!< Local Xmax for a given rank
+  int NCRIT;                                                    //!< Number of bodies per leaf cell
 //! Get number of binary tree nodes for a given number of bodies
   inline int getNumBinNode(int n) const {

File include/types.h

 #ifndef types_h
 #define types_h
 #include "macros.h"
-#include "parameters.h"
 #include <queue>
 #include <utility>
 #include <vector>
 #include "vec.h"
+// Basic type definitions
 typedef float         real_t;                                   //!< Floating point type
 typedef vec<3,real_t> vec3;                                     //!< Vector of 3 floating point types
 typedef vec<4,real_t> vec4;                                     //!< Vector of 4 floating point types
 typedef vec<8,int>    ivec8;                                    //!< Vector of 8 integer types
 typedef std::pair<vec3,vec3> vec3Pair;                          //!< Pair of vec3
+// Compile-time parameters
+const int P = 3;                                                //!< Order of expansions
+const float EPS2 = .0;                                          //!< Softening parameter (squared)
 #if COMkernel
 const int MTERM = P*(P+1)*(P+2)/6-3;                            //!< Number of Cartesian mutlipole terms