o-blog / templates / page_footer.html

      <div id="footer">
	<div class="container">
	  <div class="row">
	    <section class="span3">
	      <h1><lisp>(ob:gettext :about)</lisp></h1>
	      <lisp>(ob:post-content-html (ob:get-snippet "About"))</lisp>
	    <nav id="links" class="span3">
	      <h1><lisp>(ob:gettext :links)</lisp></h1>
		<lisp>(ob:post-content-html (ob:get-snippet "Navigation Footer"))</lisp>
	    <nav id="archives" class="span3">
	      <h1><a href="<lisp>(ob:path-to-root)</lisp>/archives.html"><lisp>(ob:gettext :archives)</lisp></a></h1>
		  (loop for p in (ob:get-posts nil 10)
		  do (insert (format "<li><a href=\"%s/%s\">%s</a></li> "
		  (ob:post-htmlfile p)
		  (ob:post-title p)
	    <nav class="tags span3">
	      <h1><a href="<lisp>(ob:path-to-root)</lisp>/tags/index.html"><lisp>(ob:gettext :tags)</lisp></a></h1>
	      <lisp>(ob:insert-template "nav_tag-cloud.html")</lisp>
	<div class="copyright" style="text-align: center;">
	  <lisp>(ob:post-content-html (ob:get-snippet "Copyright"))</lisp>
	  <p><lisp>(ob:gettext :powered-by)</lisp> <a href="">o-blog</a>.</p>
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