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WTForms-reCaptcha is a convenient field for WTForms that transparently handles reCaptcha display and validation via corresponding widget and validator classes.


To get an idea about reCaptcha see the docs.
To start working with it, first get reCaptcha keys here.


Get the distribution:

pip install wtforms-recaptcha

or if you want the latest:

pip install hg+http://bitbucket.org/excieve/wtforms-recaptcha#egg=wtforms-recaptcha

or get hg clone of the source code:

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/excieve/wtforms-recaptcha
cd wtforms-recaptcha
python setup.py install


It is mostly the usual WTForms field that needs some extra data and parameters. Here's a simple example:

from wtforms.form import Form
from wtfrecaptcha.fields import RecaptchaField

class CaptchaForm(Form):
    captcha = RecaptchaField(public_key=RECAPTCHA_PUB_KEY, private_key=RECAPTCHA_PRIV_KEY, secure=True)

form = CaptchaForm(request.POST, captcha={'ip_address': request.META['REMOTE_ADDR']})
if form.validate():
    print "Captcha response is correct"
    print form.errors['captcha']

Some description of field's parameters:

public_key:Public key generated by reCaptcha service
private_key:Private key generated by reCaptcha service
secure:True if it should be served via HTTPS, False otherwise. Default: False.
http_proxy:URL of HTTP proxy for API calls

When form with RecaptchaField is instantiated with bound fields, it must include captcha keyword parameter with dict that has 'ip_address' element.

Other details

Accessing field as a string will get the widget code with URLs that depend on secure parameter passed to the field.

HTTP errors and errors that are indepentent of user input are logged. Others are handled as validation errors.


WTForms-reCaptcha is released under BSD license.
Copyright (c) 2010-2012 Artem Gluvchynsky <excieve@gmail.com> and contributors.

See LICENSE for full licensing information.