meblog / templates / mobile / front / stream.html

{% extends 'mobile/front/base.html' %}

{% block content %}
    <div data-role="header">
	<div data-role="content">
		<ul id="posts" data-role="listview" data-theme="g">
        {% if posts %}
            {% for p in posts|slice:"0:5" %}
                <li><a href="{{ p.get_absolute_url }}">
                    <h3>{{ p.title }}</h3>
                    <p>Updated : {{ p.last_update.year }}-{{ p.last_update.month }}-{{ }} by {{ }}</p>
            {% endfor %}
            {% if posts|length > 5 %}
                {% for pn in posts|slice:"5:9" %}
                    <li style="display: none"><a href="{{ pn.get_absolute_url }}">
                        <h3>{{ pn.title }}</h3>
                        <p>Updated : {{ pn.last_update.year }}-{{ pn.last_update.month }}-{{ }} by {{ }}</p>
                {% endfor %}
                <li id="divider" onclick="show_more()" data-role="list-divider">More Post</li>
            {% endif %}
        {% endif %}

        <fieldset id="paging" style="display:none" class="ui-grid-a">
        <div class="ui-block-a">{% if paging.prev %}<a data-theme="b" href="/?page={{ paging.prev }}">Prev Posts</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;{% endif %}</div>
        <div class="ui-block-b">{% if %}<a data-theme="b" href="/?page={{ }}">More Post</a>{% endif %}</div>
{% endblock %}
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