Bezier Clock

Port Processing.js Bezier Clock by Jack Frigaard to Qt Quick/QML for KDE Plasma 5 Live Wallpaper.

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Bezier Clock Animation

Repository contains code of:

  • Bezier Clock Live Wallpaper with settings window

Right click on Plasma Desktop, click on "Desktop Settings" and choose "Bezier Clock" from "Wallpaper Type":

Bezier Clock KDE Plasma 5 Settings

  • Simple standalone Qt Quick/QML Application:

Bezier Clock Application on MS Windows 10

Video demonstration:

Bezier Clock on YouTube


You can download TAR.XZ-packages for KDE Plasma 5 from the releases section.

Get the source code

  • Clone repository into deploy directory:
cd ~/Deploy/
git clone

Build and Install Plasma package

  • Build the Plasma package into deploy directory:
cd ~/Deploy/BezierClock/utils/
./ -p
  • Install Plasma package in your KDE Plasma 5 Workspace with Plasma Package Manager:
cd ~/Deploy/BezierClock/utils/
plasmapkg2 -t wallpaperplugin -i bezier-clock-v1.1.tar.xz

Build and Install TAR.XZ-package

  • Build the TAR.XZ-package into deploy directory:
cd ~/Deploy/BezierClock/utils/
./ -p
  • Install TAR.XZ-package in your KDE Plasma 5 Workspace (~/.local/share/plasma/wallpapers):
cd ~/Deploy/BezierClock/utils/
./ -i

Build and Install Arch Linux package

  • Build the Arch Linux package into deploy directory:
cd ~/Deploy/BezierClock/utils/
makepkg -cf
  • Install Arch Linux package in your system with "pacman" or "yaourt":
cd ~/Deploy/BezierClock/utils/
sudo pacman -U bezier-clock-v1.1-1-any.pkg.tar.xz

Build standalone Qt Quick/QML-application

  • Build and Run Bezier Clock executable into deploy directory:
cd ~/Deploy/BezierClock/
make -j9

Removing package

  • If you installed Plasma package in your KDE Plasma 5 Workspace:
plasmapkg2 -t wallpaperplugin -r ru.exlmoto.bezierclock
  • If you installed TAR.XZ-package in your home directory:
cd ~/Deploy/BezierClock/utils/
./ -u
  • If you installed Arch Linux package with pacman or yaourt:
sudo pacman -R bezier-clock

Tips and Tricks

Warning! In some versions of the KDE Plasma 5 Workspace (5.7.x for example) after the installation and activating Bezier Clock you can see a black screen. It is due to these bugs here: bug #1 and bug #2. Reset to default settings using the "Reset To Default" button and click "Apply" for fix it. - Not relevant for the v1.1

To reduce the load on the CPU cores, lower the value of the option "FPS Limit" to acceptable values. To ensure a smooth animation at low FPS, you can adjust the option "Animation Duration", with lowering its value. For example, a 25 value of "FPS Limit" and 30 of "Animation Duration" gives a good result.

Run Bezier Clock, experiment with the options and enjoy!

More information

Please read Porting Guide (In Russian) for more info about porting Bezier Clock to KDE Plasma 5 Live Wallpaper.