Digest Bot

Bot Screen

Telegram digest bot for group chats. Bot records all messages with the #digest tag and displays them on the /digest command. Thanks to the creators of node-telegram-bot-api and the creators of powerful and awesome JavaScript framework — Node.js

Install instructions

For example, GNU/Linux:

  • Install the "Node.js" and the "npm" Node.js package manager;
sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm
  • Clone repository into deploy directory;
cd ~/Deploy/
git clone DigestBotDeploy
  • Install "node-telegram-bot-api" and "request" modules into deploy directory;
cd ~/Deploy/DigestBotDeploy/
npm install # or npm ci
  • Write your token in "BOT_TOKEN_ACCESS.json" file.

  • Run with node DigestBot or nodejs DigestBot and enjoy!

Please read big tutorial (in Russian) about creating various bots for Telegram.