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Moved mapper modules to telescope.mapper submodule.

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+from telescope import Variable
+from telescope.exceptions import *
+from telescope.sparql.patterns import Triple
+from telescope.sparql.queryforms import Select
+from telescope.sparql.helpers import is_a
+from import PropertyManager
+from telescope.mapper.query import Query
+__all__ = ['Mapper', 'mapper', 'get_mapper']
+class Mapper(object):
+    def __init__(self, class_, type_or_select, identifier=None, properties=None):
+        self.class_ = class_
+        if identifier is None:
+            identifier = Variable(class_.__name__)
+        self.identifier = identifier
+        if isinstance(type_or_select, Select):
+            select = type_or_select
+        else:
+            rdf_type = type_or_select
+            select = Select([identifier], [(identifier, is_a, rdf_type)])
+        if identifier not in select.projection:
+            raise InvalidRequestError("Select must include identifier.")
+ = select
+        self.setup_class(properties or {})
+    def setup_class(self, properties):
+        if not hasattr(self.class_, '_manager'):
+            self.class_._manager = PropertyManager(self.class_)
+        self.class_._manager.update(properties)
+    def new_instance(self):
+        return self.class_.__new__(self.class_)
+    def bind_instance(self, graph, instance, data):
+        instance._id = data.pop(self.identifier)
+        for key, value in data.iteritems():
+            descriptor = self.class_._manager.get(key)
+            if descriptor is not None:
+                value = descriptor.to_python(graph, value)
+                descriptor.__set__(instance, value)
+    def bind_results(self, graph, query, results):
+        for result in results:
+            data = dict(zip(query.projection, result))
+            instance = self.new_instance()
+            self.bind_instance(graph, instance, data)
+            yield instance
+def mapper(class_, *args, **kwargs):
+    class_._mapper = Mapper(class_, *args, **kwargs)
+    return class_._mapper
+def get_mapper(class_):
+    return class_._mapper


 from import assert_raises
 from telescope import Namespace, ConjunctiveGraph, Variable, BNode, URIRef
 from telescope.mapper import Mapper, mapper
-from import Property, Relationship
-from telescope.query import Query
-from telescope.session import Session
+from import Property, Relationship
+from telescope.mapper.query import Query
+from telescope.mapper.session import Session
 import helpers
 RDF = Namespace('')
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