Type variable substitution in method return type

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Loïc Girault created an issue

extendj v8.0.1-4-gcc1f6e3 I tried to compile jEdit5.2.0 using extendj. While javac accept it, extendj find an error in org/gjt/sp/jedit/pluginmgr/Roster.java. Here is a minimal example :

class A{}

interface I0<X>{
    X get();

interface I {
    I0<? extends A> m();

class B{
    void mtest(I i){
        I0<? extends A> i0 = i.m();
        A a = i0.get();

Extendj complains that it can not assign a value of type X to a variable of type A. I fixed it by modifying TypeVariable.substituteReturnType in java5/frontend/Generics.jrag :

public Access TypeVariable.substituteReturnType(Parameterization parTypeDecl) {
    if (parTypeDecl.isRawType()) {
      return erasure().createBoundAccess();
    TypeDecl typeDecl = parTypeDecl.substitute(this);
    if (typeDecl instanceof WildcardType) {
      return createBoundAccess();
    } else if (typeDecl instanceof WildcardExtendsType) {

//       if (typeDecl.instanceOf(this)) {
        return ((WildcardExtendsType) typeDecl).extendsType().createBoundAccess();
//      } else {
//        return createBoundAccess();
//      }

    } else if (typeDecl instanceof WildcardSuperType) {

       return createBoundAccess();
    return typeDecl.createBoundAccess();

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  1. Jesper Öqvist

    The minimal example seems to compile fine with ExtendJ 8.0.1-16-g930e00d Java SE 8. I will try to compile jEdit 5.2.0 and see if I can reproduce the error in that code base.

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