explicit this access toward an array causes stackoverflow

Issue #171 resolved
Loïc Girault created an issue

This code causes a stackoverflow :

package p;
public class C {
    int[] array;
    final void m() { int l = this.array.length; }

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  1. Jesper Öqvist

    I could not reproduce the stack overflow error in the two latest commits when compiling the code with the Java 8 version of ExtendJ. What version gives you stack overflow?

  2. Loïc Girault reporter

    I'm using commit 05749c5. Here is the trace of the stack overflow error with one iteration of the cycle begining with org.extendj.ast.ParseName.rewriteTo(ParseName.java:326)

            at org.extendj.ast.VarDeclStmt.Define_nameType(VarDeclStmt.java:647)
            at org.extendj.ast.ASTNode.Define_nameType(ASTNode.java:3425)
            at org.extendj.ast.Declarator.Define_nameType(Declarator.java:1109)
            at org.extendj.ast.ASTNode.Define_nameType(ASTNode.java:3425)
            at org.extendj.ast.AbstractDot.Define_nameType(AbstractDot.java:1116)
            at org.extendj.ast.Expr.nameType(Expr.java:1923)
            at org.extendj.ast.ParseName.rewriteRule0(ParseName.java:335)
            at org.extendj.ast.ParseName.rewriteTo(ParseName.java:326)
            at org.extendj.ast.ParseName.rewrittenNode(ParseName.java:419)
            at org.extendj.ast.ASTNode.getChild(ASTNode.java:1503)
            at org.extendj.ast.Dot.getRight(Dot.java:276)
            at org.extendj.ast.Dot.Define_isRightChildOfDot(Dot.java:335)
            at org.extendj.ast.Expr.isRightChildOfDot(Expr.java:1890)
            at org.extendj.ast.Access.hasPrevExpr(Access.java:344)
            at org.extendj.ast.Access.isQualified(Access.java:311)
            at org.extendj.ast.ThisAccess.decl_compute(ThisAccess.java:318)
            at org.extendj.ast.ThisAccess.decl(ThisAccess.java:310)
            at org.extendj.ast.ThisAccess.type(ThisAccess.java:381)
            at org.extendj.ast.Expr.qualifiedLookupVariable(Expr.java:841)
            at org.extendj.ast.AbstractDot.Define_lookupVariable(AbstractDot.java:1097)
            at org.extendj.ast.Expr.lookupVariable(Expr.java:1868)
            at org.extendj.ast.ParseName.resolveAmbiguousName(ParseName.java:123)
            at org.extendj.ast.ParseName.rewriteRule0(ParseName.java:362)
            at org.extendj.ast.ParseName.rewriteTo(ParseName.java:326)
  3. Jesper Öqvist

    @lorilan What version of JastAdd are you using? I think you need to update to JastAdd 2.2.2 to fix this error, and use the --rewrite=cnta and --safeLazy options.

  4. Loïc Girault reporter

    I'm using JastAdd 2.2.2 but indeed the --safeLazy was missing. Using it fix the problem ! thank you very much.

    But I find it odd that it's not the default behavior. Is it more costly to use this option ?

  5. Jesper Öqvist

    @lorilan I would prefer if --safeLazy was on by default, but it does add a slight performance cost so for the time being it is not a default option. There was also a concern that the way it changes attribute evaluation could affect old JastAdd projects that relied on attribute evaluation order (which they should not, but it happens anyway).

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