'final' is incorrectly rejected for multi-catch exception decls

Issue #298 resolved
Olivier Hamel created an issue

J8's spec says an exception variable can be declared as final (4.12.4, 14.20), unfortunately extendj isn't honouring that right now for multi-catches.

Sample code: catch (final IOException | NumberFormatException | ServiceException e)

Expected: Code is accepted.

Actual: Code is rejected w/ error msg claiming finally is not permitted in this context.

Suggested fix:

It seems like a simple oversight where CatchParameterDeclaration doesn't have a mayBeFinal tag. eq CatchParameterDeclaration.getModifiers().mayBeFinal() = true;

Comments (3)

  1. Olivier Hamel reporter

    "An exception parameter of a multi-catch clause is implicitly declared final if it is not explicitly declared final. " -- J8 spec

    While the implicitly-final bit is faithfully handled, we're just missing the you're-allowed-to-be-redundantly-verbose bit. (NOTE: Sample code taken from the Symphony blog project.)

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