Bound check fails (super)

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Idriss Riouak created an issue

*ExtendJ 8.1.2-49-g2b9c6bd Java SE 8*

The bound check fails when the WildcardsSuper has a parametric class declaration as superType(). ExtendJ does not report any compile time error while a bound check failure should be reported.

class A<Q> {}

public class B<R extends A<R>>  {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        B<? super A<?>> c;

Expected result: (error reported by javac):

error: type argument ? super A<?> is not within bounds of type-variable R
B<? super A<?>> c;
where R is a type-variable:
R extends A<R> declared in class B

Actual result: * NOTHING *

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