LCTA not defined

Issue #6 resolved
Jesper Öqvist created an issue

When compiling jython 2.7b1 with JastAddJ 7.1.1-29-g550f24d Java SE 6 and 7.1.1-29-g550f24d Java SE 7 I get the following error message:

Fatal exception while processing tmp/src/jython-2.7b1/src/org/python/core/
java.lang.Error: lcta not defined for (AST.WildcardExtendsType, AST.ClassDecl
    at AST.LUBType.lcta(
    at AST.LUBType.lci(
    at AST.LUBType.lub_compute(
    at AST.LUBType.lub(
    at AST.Constraints.resolveSupertypeConstraints(
    at AST.MethodAccess.computeConstraints(
    at AST.MethodAccess.typeArguments_compute(
    at AST.MethodAccess.typeArguments(
    at AST.MethodAccess.potentiallyApplicable(
    at AST.MethodAccess.potentiallyApplicable(
    at AST.MethodAccess.maxSpecific(
    at AST.MethodAccess.decls_compute(
    at AST.MethodAccess.decls(
    at AST.MethodAccess.decl_compute(
    at AST.MethodAccess.decl(
    at AST.MethodAccess.refined_TypeAnalysis_MethodAccess_type(
    at AST.MethodAccess.type_compute(
    at AST.MethodAccess.type(
    at AST.AbstractDot.type_compute(
    at AST.AbstractDot.type(
    at AST.FieldDeclaration.typeCheck(
    at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(
    at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(
    at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(
    at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(
    at AST.ASTNode.collectErrors(
    at AST.CompilationUnit.errorCheck(
    at AST.Frontend.process(
    at org.jastadd.jastaddj.JavaCompiler.compile(
    at org.jastadd.jastaddj.JavaCompiler.main(

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  1. Jesper Öqvist reporter

    The JLS states that there are 6 cases for lcta, but three of those are symmetrical and that is not handled correctly in JastAddJ. Should be fixable by creating symmetrical lcta rules.

    Relevant JLS section.

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