Type variable in another type variable's bound list do not prevent more bounds

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Erik Hogeman created an issue

JLS version 7, chapter 4.4 states:

 Every type variable declared as a type parameter has a bound. If no bound is declared for a type variable, Object is assumed. If a bound is declared, it consists of either:

 * a single type variable T, or

 * a class or interface type T possibly followed by interface types I1 & ... & In.

Currently, JastAddJ allows a bound list to contain both a type variable and several interface types. A test case follows below:

import java.io.Serializable;
class Test {
        interface X<A> { 
                /*Should fail, cannot use additional bound list
                    when first bound is a type variable */
                <T extends A & Serializable> void execute(int a); 

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