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 only use the keyboard to handle exiting the game.
 Pete Doctor, the director of Pixar's UP, once said that "Pixar films don't get 
 finished, they just get released".  While we are extremely satisfied with the 
 current state of Bouncers, we would have loved the opportunity to spend more 
 time with the game and improve it.  Here are some things we would have loved 
 to implement if we had more time:
-\subsubsection{Game Mechanics}
+\subsection{Game Mechanics}
 There are lots of cool things that we could add to make the "game" aspect more 
 fun.  For one, the Toy class was created to allow us to easily create different
 types of Toys.  Currently, there is only a single Ball class, but we would 
 \item Power-Ups that when punched, altered the game state (adding more points, 
 			slowing down the game, etc.).
-\subsubsection{Multi-VM Speed Optimizations}
+\subsection{Multi\-VM Speed Optimizations}
 The current host and client VM structure made the program very easy
 to convert from a single player game to a multi-player game (the main reason
 we chose this path).  However, the performance of the game dips dramatically 
 so that other PCs are able to compute and simply send back the result to the 
 Bouncers was an extremely fun and rewarding program to write.  We learned
 a lot about being able to read and understand every part of someone else's code

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