rst2reveal is a simple docutils writer that allows you to create
reveal-js presentations from a reStructuredText file.
The writer is able to produce presentations with regular and
vertical slides, lists, links, code snippets, and images.

To generate the HTML presentation from the ``rst`` file use::

    python3 input.rst output.html

rst2reveal will ask you if you want to download reveal-js and do
it automatically if you answer yes.  Open output.html with your
favourite browser to see the result.

Note: Python 3 and docutils are required.

For a sample presentation that will introduce rst2reveal features, try::

    python3 demo.rst demo.html

You can add additional CSSs by using::

    python3 --stylesheet extra.css input.rst output.html

You can also use the ``class`` directive (``.. class:: foo bar``) to
add classes to the HTML output.