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FA13 Jogador

FA13 Jogador is a program for managing virtual football team in online game Football Manager FA13.

Downloading artifacts

Program is available for download on the following page:

How to build

Program uses Gradle as a build system. You don't need to download it separately, you can use ./gradlew from the root folder of the source tree instead.


Checkout and build

NOTE: for Windows use gradlew.bat instead of Linux version gradlew.

hg clone
cd fa13-build
./gradlew clean build

Building distributions

In order to build distributions (archives with all-in-one application) run the following command:

./gradlew clean buildDistributions


FA13 Jogador is released under GPL (General Public License) v3.




Trouble shooting

Problem: I run gradlew clean build and get compilation errors. What's wrong?

Solution: Make sure you are using JDK 7 or higher. Run gradlew -version to see which environment do you have.