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 How to install blaag
-You can simply unpack blaag, and then run it using::
+To test Blaag, you can simply unpack blaag, and then run it in the 
+folder example_blaag using::
-  $ python
+  $ python ../
 but you'll need to make sure some Python libraries are available as
 * PyRSS2Gen
+You can also install Blaag by running::
+  $ python install
+in your blaag folder; this will install the 'blaag' script in your 
+Python installation's script folder.
+To create your own blaag, copy or clone example_blaag, add entries 
+in the '/entries' subfolder, and run blaag to generate html (in a 
+subfolder named '/html'). To configure the Blaag, modify blaag.cfg
+and/or HTML fragments in the '/custom' folder
 You could do that using pip or easy_install. You can also use the
 buildout installation below, which provides a few more goodies.