drink / NOTES.txt

- fix markdown's creation date
- finish cleanup & start markdown cleanup
    - trouver moyen d'avoir des propriétés en markdown (+ propre que blog)
- Do Queue Job & use it when adding or editing an item
    - use for communication
    - use to extract content from binary files
    - add possibility to extract thumbnails as well ? (using convert in a first step)
- Directory vs Pages
   - Page = little content, live edition, kind of "wiki" like (aggregation & so)
   - Directory = huge list of archives, with little friendlyness but possibility to make reports from its content easily
- broken:
    - editing some markdown in view mode
    - ctrl+save in edit mode for markdown doesn't save the form
    - 'live' markdown preview in edit mode
    - comments & ratings are partially broken and the behavior is horrible, switch to ajaj !!
JS: finish Refactor all id's & co with Element item attached to .entry elements
- tabs.js is conflicting query.ui
- HANDLE ITEMS RANGE /items?from=0&to=100
- Prototype fsQueue usage for long-running tasks (try with a fake process)
- See if types can be simplified when used from inside (ORM-like ?)
  - unify with js widgets
- for css not starting with '/' or 'http://' just compile it:
- make most of the javascript stuff generic, automated via special classes
- Rewrite & rename:
    PyRat[atouille] - Cooking The Web
        pyrat-init , pyrat-manage
- First choice is misaka instead of markdown:
- pdf indexed via pyPdf or slate
- html indexed via html2text / html2rest (two new actions)
- Includes an automatic image gallery in listing mode with a div id=image_gallery :
  - refactor with current image slideshow mode
- possibility to select multiple docs to move them or remove them (listing mode)
- output complex pdfs from multiple documents (xhtml2pdf + pypdf ?)
  => pdf compilation (pypdf,
- add login icon when not logged-in, that asks for login & password
- add ad-hoc password by object, which asks for password if authorized (in all cases but admin & owner)