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cleanup version handling

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 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
+sys.path.insert(0, '.')
+import zicbee_vlc
 setup (
         author='Fabien Devaux',
         url = '',
-        download_url='',
+        download_url=''%VERSION,
         description='VLC backend for zicbee project',
-        long_description='''
-ZicBee is a project grouping multiple applications to manage play and handle music databases.
-It takes ideas from Quodlibet and Mpd, both very good music players with their own strengths.
-For now there is a Swiss-army knife tool: zicdb
-Some plugins for quodlibet has also be developed. ZicBee is fast,
-portable (but not very ported...) and flexible.
-While the project is stable and usable (there are online docs and a nice www gui),
-it's mostly interesting for hackers and developers from now, I didn't confront to real users yet :P
-See features list, it's mostly handy for people with large databases,
-with optionally multiple computers.
-It can be adapted to handle video too, hacking some bit of code.
-        ''',
+        long_description='''Allow zicbee to use vlc for playback''',
         keywords = 'database music tags metadata management',
         packages = find_packages(),

File zicbee_vlc/

 # TODO: export fetch_playlist & playlist handling out of player class
 __all__ = ['Player']
+__version__ = '0.9'
 from .vlc import Instance