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File docs/Makefile

 	-rm -rf build/*
+	rsync -ravpD build/html/
 	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b coverage $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) build/html

File docs/source/apis/zicbee.core.httpdb.rst

       Search form requiring:
       :arg id: song id, if the **pattern** is not specified
-      :arg pattern: search pattern, if **id** is unspecified
+      :arg pattern: search :ref:`pattern`, if **id** is unspecified
       :arg fmt: output, see :data:`available_formats`

File docs/source/changelog.rst

+0.9 "Long way home"
+ - automatic ``localhost`` substitution in URLs (can be customised too)
  - shiny new client (wasp), comes with many new features (grep, append, inject, get...)
     - **grep** can be used as parameter for ``move`` and ``delete`` commands. (use after using grep command)
     - ``move`` and ``delete`` also support slices passing (ex.: ``move 1:3``, ``delete 2:10``)
  - minimal www interface (for low power machines, don't expect too much)
     - use /basic on any server with a player, it's quite rought now
  - Integrate automatic playlists with ``auto`` special tag
-    - minimalistic support (no account needed, only works with "artist" keyword)
-    - modulable tolerence giving a digit (ex: ``auto: 15``)
+    - minimalist support (no account needed, only works with "artist" keyword)
+    - modulable tolerance giving a digit (ex: ``auto: 15``)
     - "``artist: wax tailor or artist: birdy nam nam auto:``" automatically generates a playlist of similar artists (no value=10)
  - Split project for clarity
  - stored playlists (including position)
  - Tons of bugfixes! (among others, the parser is rewritten, with minor syntax changes)
  - known bugs: volume command is not very functional yet
+0.8 "Road to usability"
  - add support for FLAC
  - interactive shell support with completion and history
     - see "use" command for usage
  - complete admin commands (see "set" command)
+0.7 "First shot"
  - add play, pause, next, prev, list
  - add cleaner configuration:: more unified (prepare themes handling)

File docs/source/roadmap.rst

  - playcount
  - lastplayed (date)
  - like/dislike counter "ala facebook"
- - automatic localhost substitution
 Random ideas

File docs/source/user_manual.rst

 Commented Examples
+.. note::
+   here all examples are prefixed with ``wasp`` but that's just a sample usage,
+   the pattern can be entered in the interactive shell, in the web interface, etc...
 find songs from "shakira" and of more than 3 min::
 show elements from 1 to 15::
-    show 1:15 will 
+    show 1:15 will
 .. note::
     show :10