zicbee / TODO

  * video support
  * picture support
      ** (merge with imgplayer.js ?)
  * add update support from syntax
    ** playlist: store a playlist (TODO: without other argument it GETS a playlist...)
    ** +score: change the score of the given pattern
    ** +tags: add the given keyword(s) to tags
    ** example: `artist: Rolling album: stone +tags: rock`
  * separate zicdb into zicdb (database/local maintenance) / zicbee (player/remote control)
  * re-write zicbee in C (the executable, not the project !)
    ** have python fallback (use code generation from cmd/requests description?)
  * let choice of multiples players
  * database operations (difference, merge, substract, etc...)
  * allow alternative databases synchronization (SQL, XML, ...)
  * unify output format (re-architecture output operations)
    ** add support for rss/rdf/atom formats as output
  * add file transcoder functions (on a given database)
    ** could be available via text and www
  * add more formats to the player on www "live" (flash ? :( )
  * add "size" lookup option, limiting the size of the answer (in s)
    ** add advanced "skip" option, to skip a number of entries
    ** add advanced "limit" option, to limit the number of entries answered
  * add views support (aka "dynamic playlists", stored also...)
    ** example: `artist: Rolling album: stone +view: stones` (still could use "+playlist" to store regular playlists)
  * pluggable audio backend/minimal plugin support:
      ** upnp/dlna support
      ** audioscrobbler
        *** syntax proposition: just "audioscrobbler:" ?
      ** podcasts (atom/rss/etc...)
        *** example: ```feed: http://blah title: something```
        *** add named feeds support (use "myradio" instead of http://....)
      ** specific hardware support (ipod...)  <-- give me one if you want it ;P
      ** more...
  * automatic (but clever...) autodetection of mountpoints


For **1.1**: (architecture cleanup)
 * write some backends detection and loading
 * need to split zicdb executable ?
 * Much more doc

Before **1.0**: (very useable, db schema freeze)
 * distribution cleanup
 * fill feature gap between www (poor) & text (rich) ui
 * add themes support for www player (and DB ?)
 * good duplicates detection

Before **0.9**:
 * cleaner javascript/cookies/sessions (prepare theme support)
 * improve shell completion ?
 * satisfying duplicates detection
 * rating/tag fully working (intensive tests on distributed configurations)
 * stored playlists (including position)
    ** inc. playlist resume
    ** www and text interface

Before **0.8**: (slight feature/stable)
<--- **WE ARE HERE**
 * add support for FLAC
 * interactive shell support with completion and history
   ** see "zicdb shell" or "zicbee" commands
 * integrate/complete tagging & scoring support
 * add support for multiple DBs at once
   ** (ie. have separate databases for your mp3 player & your local drive)
   ** see "use" command for usage
 * complete admin commands (see "set" command)
 * better documentation

**0.7** (cleanup/refactor):

 * add play, pause, next, prev, list
 * add cleaner configuration:: more unified (prepare themes handling)
   ** ensure default host is well given
 * public repositories (Hg) setup
 * add some docs on the website
 * add screenshots on website

**0.7**-rc1 (first public release)
 * site launch
 * fixes egg/root installation (temporary file created)


**the underground** (unreleased mode, use mercurial to recover)
  * gtk player (many flavors tested)
  * broken gstreamer backend (player)
  * avbin (with pyglet) backend (player)
  * different mplayer wrapper
  * other flavors of www interface
  * architectural mistakes ;)