zicbee / NOTES

Full commit
TODO (urgent):
 Cancel downloads on select.
 Top & Bottom border of commands should be red/blue
 Left & Right divs should be stylised (background/no border) 
 Form should fade-out when user validate search,
   a click on the bee makes it fade in
 Right align the "Search" button
 Left align the "search" form on the /search/ server
 Change font

 Should adapt samplerate to current song (time is bended now)
 Pause is messed-up if NEXT or PREV is pressed (should un-pause)
 Check why m4a & wma support is variable (ffmpeg options ?)

 Manage some configuration (list of hosts etc...)
 Manage status icon/menu
 Rip to something similar in aspect but much simpler

 Add Hide icon to hide top bar and playlist (near shuffle ? move shuffle to uri bar ?)
 Refactor player ! (it's a mess...)
 Add Generic Pack/Unpack (tar, zip...) facilities and enhance get cmd

 Add tooltip for shuffle button

 Add playlist management to the view
  - inject (local file or directory)
  - delete
  - drag & drop
 Add a Delete button under playlist (should hide with playlist)
 Add adaptative chunk size (**2 until it takes >0.05s) to server & get cmd

  Review alignments ?
  Contextual menu in list (with delete etc...)

 Add tarball/zip download to http interface

 Separate artist db:
  - artist view possible
  - difflib matching on insert
  much slower ?? (to test...)

 Tags edition ? add pure "tags" + ratings (user defined)

 Add shoutcast/jamendo/lastfm support
 Add player in server (integrate in player ? only web ui ?)
 MTP support ?
 uPnP/DLNA support ?
 daap support ?


interesting modules: (configuration) (date lookup) (decoding backend) (playback) (player) (gfx + sound backend) (easy ffmpeg abstraction)