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= User documentation = == Pattern/match command == Pattern is everywhere, used in www interface, in many shell commands (search, play, etc...).

Syntax summary:

{{{ field: value [ [or|and] field2: value2 ]... }}}

for length, value may be preceded by < or > if field name starts with a capital, the search is case-sensitive

Possible fields:

  • id (compact style)
  • genre
  • artist
  • album
  • title
  • track
  • filename
  • score
  • tags
  • length
  • playlist <special: output a named playlist>
  • pls <special: input a named playlist>
=== Named playlist:
Named playlists are arbitrary string, with a special case "#": being the current playlist

You may prefix the name with + to append or > to insert at current position (also works with # playlist). If not you are just replacing the specified playlist.

=== Working Examples:

{{{ % zicdb search filename: shak length: > 3*60 }}} > songs with "shak" in filename and of more than 3 min {{{ % zicdb search artist: shak length: > 3*60 or artist: black }}} > songs with "shak" or "black" in artist name and of more than 3 min {{{ % zicdb search artist: shak length: > 3*60 and title: mo }}} > songs with "shak" in artist name and of more than 3 min and with "moon" on the title {{{ % zicdb search tags: jazz title: moon }}} > songs tagged "jazz" and with titles containing "moon" {{{ % zicdb search score: >2 }}} > songs with a score higher than 2 {{{ % zicdb search score: >2 score: <= 3 tags: rock length: <= 120 }}} > a quite dumb search ;) (the selected songs will have a score of 3, less than 2 min and tagged as "rock")

== Commands ===

Note that "::" arguments are not (yet) supported in wasp, unlike zicbee / zicdb [shell]. Most commands will read {{{db_host}}} and {{{player_host}}} variables (see set command).

=== help
List all available commands (with associated help if available)
=== set
Without argument, lists the variables If two arguments are passed, just set the value
=== shell (zicdb - default for wasp)
Launches a shell accepting any command

Still undocumented, usage may vary between zicdb & wasp: tag, rate, kill, stfu

== Remote commands (including wasp)

=== get[::host][::out] <match command> (not in wasp yet)
the host to connect to
the output directory

==== Examples: {{{ % zicdb get::out=/tmp/ artist: black % zicdb artist: black }}}

=== show [offset [size]] (only in wasp)
Shows the playlist
=== play[::dbhost::phost] <match command>

Set playlist to specified request and start playing if previously stopped

the computer owning the songs
the playback computer
match command:
same as 'search' command with 2 more fields:

pls: output playlist name playlist: input playlist name

  • # is the current playlist name
  • names can be prefixed with '+' to append

==== Examples: {{{ % zicdb play artist: doors }}} > play the doors {{{ % zicdb play artist: bouchers pls: boucherie }}} > store in playlist "boucherie" songs with "bouchers" in artist {{{ % zicdb play artist: pigalle pls: +boucherie }}} > append to playlist "boucherie" songs with "pigalle" in artist {{{ % zicdb play playlist: boucherie }}} > play songs stored in playlist "boucherie" {{{ % zicdb play pls: sogood playlist: # }}} > save the current playlist to playlist "sogood"

=== search[::out::host] <match command>

specifies the output format (for now: m3u or null or default)
=== infos
Display informations about player status
=== shuffle
Shuffles the current playlist
=== next
Zap current song
=== prev
Move backward in playlist
=== guess
tells if the given parameter matches with the current song (fault tolerant)
=== playlist
Display the current playlist
=== m3u (only in wasp)
Display the current playlist in m3u format

== Local commands

=== use
Not a command by itself, used to specify active database (default: songs) You can specify mutiple databases at once using ',' separator (without spaces) Exemple:

{{{ % zicdb use lisa serve }}} > starts serving lisa's database {{{ % zicdb use usb_drive reset }}} > destroy usb_drive database {{{ % zicdb use ipod bundle ipod_database_backup.zdb }}} > backups the "ipod" database into "ipod_database_backup.zdb" file in current directory

WARNING: using more than one database will most probably lead to song conflicts and won't be usable
consider this feature very experimental, use only if you know what you are doing.

NOTE: you can alternatively use the "ZDB" environment variable instead

=== serve[::pure]
Runs a user-accessible www server on port 8080
don't allow player functionality access
=== list
List available Databases.
=== reset
Erases the Database (every previous scan is lost!)
=== bundle <filename>
Create a bundle (compressed archive) of the database
=== scan <directory|archive> [directory|archive...]
Scan directories/archive for files and add them to the database

And much more... see <zicdb|wasp> help for more !