BitbucketSync is a python command line utility that lets you synchronize all repositories that you own (default) on Bitbucket to a local directory on your machine. By using the --with-aliens switch, you can also synchronize repositories that other developers shared with you. The directory names of the ones that got shared end with two underscores and the developer's name (so forks with the same name don't screw things up).


Just grab a copy of There are no dependencies beside the hg command, anything else is just the Python Standard Library.

Command Line Usage

Usage: [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
 Your username on
-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
 Your password on
 The local directory to sync to [Defaults to the current directory]
-a, --with-aliens
 Also sync repositories that other people shared with you
-v, --verbose Verbose output


To speed things up, all repositories are fetched in parallel. Make sure that you enabled SSH compression for by following the steps on Enabling Compression.