tab select from suggestion list creates two tags

Issue #2 wontfix
Tony Schmidt
created an issue

Can be fixed by editing minified jq autosuggest, but not sure if it could also be fixed in the app code.

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  1. Fabian Topfstedt repo owner

    While hitting tab, the focus steps to the next input field of the form, so I cannot reproduce selecting suggestions by using a tab. When I select a suggested tag, it gets stored only once. However, if you found a bug within the autosuggest-jquery-plugin, can you inform its author Drew Wilson (, so that the code gets fixed for everyone in a new release and I will use the released version here?

    Best, Fabian

  2. Tony Schmidt reporter

    I'll inform Drew, but I should probably duplicate with a bare version of autosuggest first. You should be able to duplicate the django implementation by hitting the down arrow once a tag is highlighted from autocomplete, then tab from there.


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