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I created I ticket 5 days ago, I´m apologized but I can´t add my comment in this post.

I´m unable to set up handsome your shop in my created homepage with the theme MODENA. The page was created 3 weeks ago on my local pc.

Please be so kind to refund me my money.

Best regards.

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  1. Fabian Bitter repo owner

    I answered your ticket and my assume was right. I checked your theme “Modena” ( and it’s not bootstrap-based.

    In the documentation ( is clearly specified that you need a bootstrap based theme OR if not you need css coding skills to add the missing bootstrap parts of bootstrap in your theme. Btw: Community Store (the only other shop system solution for concrete5 out there) is also build on top of twitter bootstrap. Means that when you don’t able to add the missing css by yourself OR change to a bootstrap-based-theme you won’t get running ANY KIND of ecommerce solution for your concrete5 site.

    If you check my FAQ’s ( you can also see that the general concrete5 refund policy applies for my products. (see

    Here is a statement from the policy: “You can request a refund if you are unable to get the add-on to work, or if the add-on does not perform as claimed on its marketplace page.”

    And in the marketplace page (documentation is part of it) is clearly specified that bootstrap is required (see above).

    In the ticket 45 (second cross-post by the way) you tell that there is an error on installing. But one week ago you get the shop running and your only problem were some kind of css problems (because of missing bootstrap). Sound for me like that you try to find any reason to get a refund. But like i said. These are no valid reasons from that what you told me.

    Additionally uninstalling / installing errors are often raised by other misconfigurations (database problems, custom code, 3rd party add-ons, wrong permissions, attributes…).

    Furthermore my shop system is certficiated by Klarna + Moolie. Do you really think they would give me certificates and publish my add-ons to their integration centers if the add-on has so many problems like you try to tell me?

    I setted up five shops only the last 2 weeks. Without any problem and more then 1000 customers all over the world (USA, Europe, VAE and even China + Japan) are using this shop solution for concrete5. Nobody has problems with installing or that something isn’t work like you try to tell me.

    If you need help with the integration i can offer you paid support. But please stop to make this shop system looking bad. It’s a great solution.

    Thank you.

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