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I understood now, that I am responsible to check if all my add ons are compatible with others.

I´m sorry, but I thougt that all concrete5 add ons and thmes will work together. For that concrete5 is created for, no?

But ok, what are we doing with the webshop failing? This is NOT a try to be refunded, it is reality. The webshop was added in one column, it didn´t looked well, but It worked, like I told before. One or few days later, the "page" where the shop is linked to, is impossible to load. (blank page) All the others page are working fine.

I can´t reinstall it. If I want to uninstall the shop, I receive an error. Secondely, I can´t overinstall. You understand me, I can´t set up a shop online if it brakes with no reasons. Even if we can fix the problem now, who can guarantee me if the problem don´t come back after again and again?

Please be a product designer for concrete5 in mind of concrete5 users. I understood your decision if I complained few weeks or months after purchasing the product, but those was only a few days. The site was 0 days online and it broke allready.

I´m really hoping you will be fair.

Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.

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  1. Fabian Bitter repo owner

    To your compatiblity statement: No. There are a lot of add-ons in the marketplace which are requiring bootstrap for example. Therefore you need to read everything before. Furthermore with a few basic coding skills you are able to get this running WITHOUT bootstrap. I offered you alternates like switching the theme or paid support.

    To your fairness statement: This has nothing to do with “being fair”. In the past i was spending a lot of money for writing good faq's, docs, troubleshooting guides, producing teaching videos and so on. Most what i earn i reinvest to make my products better. You now what’s not fair? Buying a add-on without reading everything before and create unecessary support tickets. Ignore helpful offers of paid support. Using concrete5 without supporting it (30% of all add-ons purchases going in to the core development of concrete5) or using the add-on on a second computer like you do without buying a second license. It is against my policies (see FAQ’s). So don’t tell me what’s fair. You was buying something, you don’t like it okay. But that’s not my problem. I offer a demo page, multiple product videos which are demonstrating the complete backend + frontend and a lot of explanation.

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